Clouds as a pattern  

A day in yellow

Life as a spider web

What there was in the beginning ?


Glyph of two

About love, spring, life and a branch of willow

I can

Water – a reflection of  itself

Night of nights



A butterfly on lamp

The city

Just a tale

Food photos


Rain and dew

Dandelion as a Queen

About life and mistakes – I


After my bath

       Turda Gorges  

A slice of bread

A journey of soul

Bears’ Cave

Turda Gorges

The Salt Mine



What is love ?

Tao Te Ching

The walnuts orchard

For Maria


My land

First day at school  &  a story of a little frog



An old lifestyle, a pride


Autumn fires

CN 1  on a hot tin roof

Think different

Forever friends


        A dream



Romanian Peasant Museum


A dream

A last rose and not only   Dacian ceramic  After apple picking The Red and the Black  Auguries of Innocence

A last rose and not only

Dacian ceramic

After apple picking

The Red and the Black

Auguries of  Innocence

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner  Dreamer  Merry Christmas  a day in snow  "Wandering in Europe"

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year !

A day in snow

“Wandering in Europe”

    Photography...a bit different   I was just thinking  The Rose Family

Infant joy

Burning gold

Photography … a bit different

I was just thinking

The Rose Family

This is my letter to the world  mirrors of life-8  The Museum of History  I'm nobody! Who are you?  Tears

This is my letter to the world

Mirrors of life

The Museum of History

I’m nobody! Who are you ?


due osmose The old Catholic Church  the thinker  sunrise

To all the girls

Duo osmose

The old Catholic Church

Once again


And God created Adam  Wings and Earth  The Wall  edith-piaf  A moment in time

And God created Adam

Wings and Earth

The Wall

La vie en rose

A moment in time

Table of Shadows  A Chinese Saying  A play  live  window

Table of shadows

A Chinese Saying

A  play



love-letter  Learn from all  Fate   red dress

swans on the lake1

The most beautiful love letter what I ever read

Learn from all …


Red dress


Swimming class  Swimming class-2  A kiss from thousands  life  Green

Swimming class

Swimming class – 2

A kiss from thousands



The...  Cover photos  The fig tree  Another love story  tigara


Cover photos

The fig tree

Another love story

…yet another Wordless Wednesday

freedom  red-shoes  rain  Poet  ABCD0018.1

Longing for freedom

Red shoes

Perfection as an imperfection


Training lesson

ABCD00101  cosas  reflexie-in-fum  fatza  

Late in november

For you, Romania !

As a smoke

The night has a thousand eyes

About time

birds-on-wires  sunset&wires  earth   pelicans

About birds

Unfinished song


A seasonal one

The pelicans

windows1 (4) paint ABCD0014 1 this world

The windows

In and out

Training lesson(updated)

Playing basketball

Half the world

pinze  bait    life   love


As a drop of dew

The bait

A  pygmy  lion

A kind of murphism

The true love

ABCD0019   ABCD00202  kids  media  gate2


Crist aras!

When photography meets painting

Just a talk

When photography meets painting – 2

The Gate


The fen