I forgave mistakes almost unforgivable;
I tried to replace people irreplaceable;
I tried to forget people unforgettable;
I already did things for impulse
I have disappointed some people, and I have been disappointed by others.

I have hugged to protect someone
I have laughed when I couldn’t
I have made friends forever
I have loved and I have been loved, But I have also been rejected.
I have been loved, and I couldn’t love them back

I have screamed and jumped of happiness
I have lived on love and made eternal promises, but I have also broke them.
I have cried listening to music and looking at photos
I have called to hear a voice.
I have fallen for a smile
I have thought I was going to die of sadness …

I have felt the fear of losing someone special
And I ended up losing it…
But I have survived and I’m still Living

I don’t pass by life without enjoying it…
and You shouldn’t either… so…
LIVE, Enjoy, take the opportunities.
Be determined, hug life and live with passion
Lose with class and win with courage.
The World belongs to those who face no fear and life is very valuable to feel insignificant.

(This poem is awarded to Charlie Chaplin.)
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