What there was in the beginning ?


What there was in the beginning: the Egg or the Chicken?  – a wise Romanian question, often used as a philosophycal  sayings  ahead the arrogant young people and not only that..


That’s already a rule of mine or,it seems fair to say that,it’s more like a habit.As I always do,I start looking for an(some!)information and get to finally find something else.

It has also happened this time.

I was reading first,some about that ancient Queen of Palmyra(Syria today)and,coming across sites I successful’landed'(somewhat wanting it)on those vast areas of Wikipedia, About.com, so on… where compelling stories about myths,Creation,historical stories and others of the same variety kept me captive for hours.

Fascinating theories(some of them being pure speculation)about the Creation and its Creator,about the primary Chaos with its black color,about the Mother Earth and the Father Heaven,about Gaia and Eros,about cosmology,comogony and God,about the Greek teachings. Many questions were asked and still ask. Many answers were given and still give. All and all are interpretations of facts,myths, legends and ancient writings.

Allegory or truth? But,what they really mean?

I then dare to say that,absolutely nothing is black or white but shades of gray. 

Being in a complete harmony with all I read till now(couldn’t be otherwise!)I asked myself a question(a rhetorical one,of course): What there was in the beginning: Black or White ?

The answer was just…another and another question. 

Is there a myth of color? Is there a theory of Black? Is there a legend of White? Was Gray nothing but an achromatic and a neutral color?
How can we know anything?