dandelion echo

poppies  canon 003

bridge  festivitate 080

The echo is silence …

A love, a dream, Aerosmith and few poppies

I’m a rose

When photography meets painting – 14 (The bridge without a river)

Girls, girls, girls

sleep1  gladiola church.. pamintul-si-sanatatea  bread-and-lily

My imagination

Think like a proton

The patience

You and the Earth

Bread and Lily

getting-out-2 barna  picture-144-1

apple on a plate  eva

Getting out

One of us

Where the concave mirror is ?

When photography meets painting – 15 (Apple on a plate)

Another …one of us

streets of human nature church rust  a72edit


Streets of human nature

According to the latest events on the Romanian political stage …

About rust and memory

Photo on … fabric

A challenge in… quotes

firestation  plain girl 93635147_9970380_12602645  berze

How can I put myself together?

The color of winter


Playing with God

A spring as a waiting

this world dans2 snow drops narcise 016.1  Mariuca

In this world

“Phenomenal woman”

When photography meets painting -16 (Snowdrops … at least)

A Sunday before Easter 

A dog, a cat and a pig

roua1 freedom  cloud


Rain. Still rain


A cloud on the canvas

Inhale happiness,… 

About snails

night cafea I 7C6F800C-E735-4EA8-B67F-920F36BB428A (1) decebal

It is night

Reading in coffee and moon …


A heart and a window


felix-church1 oradea/Varadinum fly contest  6.3

Boomerang concept

When photography meets painting 17- Varadinum

The truth and the beauty


The agreement

tata2286.1 recital doi1,jpg orasul5.1.1   Vidar.1

The story of  3

Unfinished song 

Simple, right ?

If you’d like to exist

Baptizing, You God!