Night of nights

I had a meeting with Quetzalcoatl and his  penetration in the Underworld through the west door. 
A female and a male talking  about their profane and mystical meanings. Black  Sun, maybe. Maybe, a butterfly. Maybe …my soul kept into a deep transformation and mystical rebirth. Maybe … a solar eclipse which devoured every thought set on its own layer.
Interpretation of some old legends and mythologies.
The connection with the elements of the night was done so, so simple… then, the myth was recreated. And every element was one of those 5 suns of the Creation: a sun at sunset, a silent lake, a fisherman as the lake ahead him, dragonflies and quiet. That was all that made me want to be only there. What could I want more from those 5 elements ? Maybe a poem, why not?

‘Twas in the night of night of nights, 
When something scary caused a scare –
So late of night of night of nights,
When something hairy raised my hair –
The deep of night of night of nights…
So don’t you wonder what it was?
Well I never really truly saw it –
Why? Because because!

‘Twas in the night of night of night of nights
Oh, I’ve had enough!
Night night.
(Mark R Slaughter)