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The most beautiful day? Today.
The greatest obstacle? Fear.
The most easily​ thing​​Mistake​.
The biggest mistake? Giving up.
The evil root? Selfishness.
Best fun? Work.
​T​he ugliest​ d​efeating ? Deterrence.
​T​he best ​ p​rofessionals ? Children.
​The ​first need​?​ Communication.
​The g​reatest happiness? To be useful.
​The d​eepest mystery? Death.
​The b​iggest flaw? Sorrow.
​T​he worst f​eeling? Hate.
The most beautiful gift? Forgiveness.
​The b​est route? Right way.
Most pleasant feeling? Inner Peace.
The most beautiful gesture? Smile.
The best medicine? Optimism.
​The g​reatest satisfaction? Duty done.
​The g​reatest strength? Faith.
The beautiful thing in the world? Love.
(Madre Teresa – The…)
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