A butterfly on lamp

Although controversial as a playwright, cursed as a man (because of his political orientations), Paul Everac was the most prolific writer of Romanian literature. He also was that one who, ironical but funny said about himself :“Perhaps, they didn’t half swear me. I was the beast.” One of his theater plays, called “A butterfly on lamp”, written in an everyday language  and scattered  with plastic expressions, saw the lights of Romanian scene but the pages of Romanian language and literature books too, being a part of the school classes. 

Now, I must move on my colors and images. Yesterday, I had a challenge of myself due to my tries to change my painting style. Today, I had another one, this time coming from a friend . All started with an idea and a picture that Paul (Paul again) did in his characteristic and great style.The idea was a special one: to turn an abstract photo into a painting. I did it and I done much more than that. 
Results are down below.
Now, maybe you ask yourself what’s the connection between Paul’s photo and a play ? Well, the first time when I saw that image I instantly thought at  Everac’s play with its life issues they discussed. And, all I done revolves around the idea of “A butterfly on lamp”.
Instead of conclusion:
Maybe, everyone of us is like that butterfly on the lamp. We just have to know on what lamp we’ll sit.
Thank you Paul for accepting the story of a “butterfly” and leting me to post here these images. Appreciate most your gesture.
Enjoy !