Life as a spider web


I’ve been watching the spider web and tried to find a meaning of all those wire networks so methodical and hierarchically arranged ahead my lenses…I also tried to count the water drops hanged on that skeleton and…come on Mala, are you crazy?  LOL, don’t worry,  I don’t have enough patience to do that! 

I was thinking then about my life, about my road till now. The answers that are coming up through it made me to have a ‘meeting’ with myself. I am what I am and who I am. My life in the circle I draw makes me to be a changable person, according to these times. I draw that circle like spiders, out of myself.  Is it a good fact or a bad one? Who knows? But, I learnt to be my own critic and to have honest talks with ME. If, sometimes I was a prey with my feet glued on the web, that’s it. I just tried to get up and move on. If, sometimes I was the predator,’killing’ the prey which has arrogated this right, that’s another fact. 

Each chapter of this screenplay is an important part of my growth as a human being, after all. If I saw the Known or the Unknown, if I met a dream of the past, if I shaked the hand of an Existent Un-existent, all is a basic achievement into the future’s hope service.