Water – a reflection of itself

H2O  or  HOH.  Yes, that’s water.
The most common,  useful,  blessed,  necessary, vital and, why not,  sacred from all  forms of the existence of the material  on earth.
At a first sight,  it is a chemical substance but,  as an absolutely naughty and versatile material,  it was thinking to wear many of its masks,  being an active part of this universal life.
I love water in all forms, shapes, colors, moods, dimensions of its being. I adore until worship clouds, I breathe the salty breezes ,  I purify myself  into the rain waters,  I believe in the purity of the water that comes from the stone of the mountain,  during of an early spring.  I dissolve my philosophy of life  in the water drop rising with sun on the raw grass, I do make my thoughts like Empedocles’s ,  I loan my movements from earth,  fire,  wood and metal  just to become the fifth element.  In water,  my faith was blessed and my writings have been purified.
How not to love it?
Behind of knowing or not knowing anything about it,  water has that mystical power of making you a part of a parallel Universe giving to you another measure of your Ego.
How smart or wise,  the creator of  Sherlock Holmes was,  when he set into the logical thoughts of his literary character those surprising words:  “From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other” ?

dew, early in morning

sunset - from my office window

a frogs' ritual

snow & clouds in winter

up-down world after a rainy day

drops of rain

sunrise with fog after a whole rainy night