People: a common one                                        
First photo: 1986
First published photo:  2008                         
First painting: 1988
First published painting : 2007
Area:  Europe, Romania & occasional spots in the Univers; too many or, maybe not enough
Habit: Offroad and/or among meaningfull thoughts, words, images & colors, white tulips and wild flowers
Life:  music, positive thinking, art, laughing as a theraphy, a positive interactions with others, a medical professional career
Besides the selfish:  commonly in good way, trying to do something interesting for herself & for other’s joy
Offspring for herself:  Photos & Paintings & Her daughter
Status:  free spirit
Your status here:  A welcomed one! You can also say ‘hello’, why not? How about to contact her if you have any project ? If not, you just can give her a clue of your thinking about what you saw here.
Blogs she has: World’s pot (a travel between  world’s cuisines) or Oala lumii (a new Romanian version of World’s pot),  lt.mala( Romanian writting experiences) and this one (you are seing)
Contact details:
email adress : lacri.teaha@gmail.com
message on Facebook page:   Mala Mustatea