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Turda (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈturda]; German: Thorenburg; Hungarian: Torda; historical name: Potaissa) is a city and municipality in Cluj County, Romania, situated on the Arieş River.
The city was founded by Dacians under the name Patavissa or Potaissa (most frequently confirmed). It was conquered by the Romans, between AD 101 and 106, during the rule of Trajan, together with parts of Decebal’s Dacia.
The name Potaissa is first recorded on a Roman milliarium discovered in 1758 in the nearby Aiton commune/village.

Princely Palace of Turda (today the Museum of History) is the most valuable medieval building of Turda. It was also known as the storehouse for salt (probably the original destination of the building).
Palace keeps some fragments of the original building built in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century. The building has received consideration over time, being one of the most favorite residences among  princes of Transylvania.
In 1943, in this building was established Museum of History, being opened for public in 1951 at the initiative of Augustin Ratiu, Ion I. Russu and prof. Ion Tigarea.
The museum contains a rich collection of objects, especially from the Roman period. The materials presented here are numismatic, epigraphic and archaeological, as they were also the subject of some researches of the historians Adrian Daicoviciu, Ion I. Russu or Nicolae Vlassa.
After visiting the museum I have only one regret: I was not allowed to photograph everything would have been photographed.


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