About love, spring, life and a branch of willow

One of the most beautiful stories about traditions, customs and ancient Romanian belief is closely related to one of the most popular local celebration of spring: Palm Sunday  or  Florii  or  Flower’s Sunday !

Palm Sunday,being a Christian moveable feast that falls on the Sunday before Easter,commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem,an event mentioned in all four canonical Gospels.Even if,it precedes the day of the Resurrection,this Sunday has had other meanings for Romanian people over the time too. 

I remember the time when I was a child.
I remember my grandmother.
I remember those secular and laic  habits with their  mystical and mythical meanings  developed in that well marked area inside the Carpathian Mountains.
At her time,my grandmother was speaking about sacred and holy willows, as about something having powers related to Divinity. She was talking about health, memories, love of a lifetime as about something being a part of her own being.

She was also talking about flowers and those passed away,offering to the poors, her famous pies baked on the slab.She was speaking to the nature who could hear my Grandma’s voice,because she knew how to speak.She was speaking about fulfilled desires, as long her love incantations were done in the middle of the night,at a wild pear root. And all and everything well soaked by the unknown power of the basil broth.

My Grandma was speaking…I can’t.
I just have the memory !