Spring is one of those four seasons, you know it . As about the transition period between winter and spring  what can I say ? I made it as a rebirth of myself. I made it  with a large dose of selfish. And, I also choose to made it  with a new space I dedicated to one ‘love at first sight’of mine: photography and color. And not only that.

I can’t give a specific definition to the spring. That’s why, this Springtime just came out, on its own . I can’t even say something about culture, custom, climate because that’s not the purpose of this material. The images, maybe are(or will) speaking themselves about all.

Maybe this photography/colors blog came to be dedicated to Marduk’s victory over Tiamat, maybe it came to be dedicated to Vasant Panchami and the Holi Day, maybe it was designed long time ago to be just an express of me, of my spring birthday. Who knows ?