To all the girls

Yes, this is for You, girls. Today I have no picture or painting. It’s just music. A music as they see it and sing it, two well-known Romanians of mine, two of the most desired men of Romania: Horia Brenciu and Dan Bittman.
Two professionals who know how to do performance when they are on stage, two of the best who know how to combine music with poetry and humor. 
(Samples of dialogue between those two -while singing their dedication-:
– It’s good what I say here?
– Very good …
-Very nice! Yeah!
– See not to break the bench …
-You must say now ’cause you know how ..
– So Willie Nelson sung ..
-Hahaha, you think that someone cared about you?
– Watch out now!
-To all the girls I’ve loved before
– Huh, how many were there?
– Well, nobody loves you now? Really? )
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