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Unfinished song

I had stopped near the sun’s shadow. It was hot out there and thoughts were rotated and melted around that unfinished song. I had stopped near the sun​’s​  shadow and I loved that unfinished song. Already. ​A ​virgin​ one ​maybe.… Continue reading

About time

” Milled by years, the monk believes that his heaven has flourished . “ Gavriil Siharul * * Related posts here: 1. Time 2. Mirrors of life

The …

The most beautiful day? Today. The greatest obstacle? Fear. The most easily​ thing​? ​Mistake​. The biggest mistake? Giving up. The evil root? Selfishness. Best fun? Work. ​T​he ugliest​ d​efeating ? Deterrence. ​T​he best ​ p​rofessionals ?… Continue reading