Dacian ceramic

A small Dacian ceramic exhibition was opened at The Museum of  Ethnography and Folklore from Brad (Hunedoara County, Romania). A famous area for its ancient gold mines hosted, in a beautiful and attractive display of the objects, the millennial ceramic of ancestors. 
Large explanation panels, 3D showcases, an environment where just history was talking, a custodian who passionately explained what the hands of old-old people were able to do, Dacian ceramic forms, original pieces from the capital Sarmizegetusa but also from other regions of Transylvania is all you can see there. On a relatively small space is attempting a reconstruction of a part from a pottery workshop and also a balanced exposure of the main types of Dacian ceramic forms with their utility (vessels for storing food, for eating and drinking, lighting, vases of worship). The exhibition is a small part of a larger one that is well exposed in The Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization from Deva City, 36 km near Brad. 
Overall, it was a great history lesson, theoretically taught at school and practically applied on a material that send you back in time, with 2000 years.
    dacii29      dacii5
    dacii2      dacii1
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